Visiting Scholar at The Universidad Católica del Maule

What my Prospectus Wordle Literally Says


This is the Wordle world cloud I made from uploading my dissertation research prospectus. Turned out to be pretty cool in my humble opinion. 🙂 I love the color scheme it selected.

July 19, 2013


Mom & Me

My lovely daughter (now a newly sworn in state & federal attorney) made this picture of us prior to my travels to Chile next month to The Universidad Católica del Maule in Talca. Just wanted to have it posted on my blog so I can see her beautiful being whenever I stop by to blog on my site.

It was so funny back in the Fall of 2010 when we both attended my  orientation where students were asked to introduce themselves.  My daughter was with me and  clearly everyone expected her to stand for introductions but instead I stood and shared how I was returning to pursue my PhD.  I will never forget how proud of me she said she was at that movement, and how she found it surreal that we had essentially traded places (I.e., my starting graduate school and she finishing law school).  I’m thinking there might be some opportunity for a Lifetime movie special with regard to our story some period down the line.  😉

July 22, 2013

Recipients of the University of Georgia –  LACSI Graduate Student Field Research Award

LACSI Awardees & MeDuring the 2013 Spring semester I along with a select group of graduate students were awarded the graduate field research award from the Latin American Caribbean Studies Institutes (LACSI) at UGA to support our field research. This will greatly assist me in my role as a visiting scholar this fall semester in Talca, Chile.  I was very excited about my selection as I was told it was a very competitive application process. Most of the past recipients were studying in the department of Romance Languages. My selection as a doctoral student in the Adult Education program, within the department of Lifelong Learning Education and Policy, speaks to LACSI’s appreciation for the need to support students doing interdisciplinary graduate studies in Spanish speaking countries.

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