The “Chilean Winter” began in August 2011


The “Chilean Winter” (Villalobos-Ruminott, 2012, p. 11) includes university students in Chile who have become civically engaged in forms of political protest.  The marchers and student leadership in Chile are challenging power differentials by opposing governmental public policies.  Many opponents believe that educational policies privilege entrepreneurial for-profit higher education at the expense (in their view) of social justice by denying free and open-access to education for all Chileans.  Many citizens believe that they are being forced into a difficult situation having to participate in an educational system where economically vulnerable collegians incur significantly high student loan debt burdens (Gambi & González, 2013).

Gambi, M., & González, C. (2013). Student Debt and Access to Higher Education in Chile.  Revista Española De Investigaciones Sociologicas, (141), 91-111.

Villalobos-Ruminott, S. (2012). The Chilean winter. Radical Philosophy, (171), 11-15.

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