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Focus Group Recruitment Flyer

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Una Tarde con Felipe, Mercedes, y el Volantín

Una Tarde con Felipe, Mercedes, y el Barrilete

An Afternoon with Felipe, Mercedes, and the Kite



Hoy Mercedes, quien es la secretaria de la Directora biblioteca, me invitó a ella casa por la cena con su familia.  Después de comiendo nosotros íbamos a el parque permitir Felipe (ella hijo) a demostrármelo cómo volar su volantín.  Como nos caminábamos yo veía, para el primero tiempo, un árbol de anaranjados.

Today Mercedes, who is the secretary of the Director of the Library, invited me to her house for dinner with her family.  After eating we went to the park to allow Felipe (her son)  to demonstrate how to fly his kite.  As we walked I saw, for the first time, an orange tree.



Los volantínes son un pasatiempo importante en Chile.

Kites are an important pastime in Chile.


Le pedí Felipe si él fue un profesional con barriletes y él me dijo, “Mas o menos”,  yo reí. 🙂  Mercedes ayudó su hijo preparar para el vuelo.

I asked Felipe if he was a professional with kites and he told me, “More or less”, I laughed.  Mercedes helped  her son to prepare for the flight.


Kite6  Kite8

En el principio, todas estaba bueno pero desafortunadamente, el volantín desplazado demasiado lejos y estaba atrapado en un árbol.  Yo estaba feliz que yo podría obtener el barrilete fuera del árbol por Felipe, pero el próximo evento estaba malo.

Se me rompió el volantín con mi dedo en el viento muy fuerte como caminamos volver a la casa.  Porque lo estaba hecho de papel y se rompió fácil.  Felipe me dijo no preocupada.  Yo sentí terrible.  Yo le pedí el precio y más tarde en el noche dárselo dinero desde los EEUU, como un regala, pero también pagar para el destrucción del volantín.  Yo supe que no fue necesario pero ayudó me sentir mejor.

In the beginning, everything was good but unfortunately, the kite drifted too far and was trapped in a tree.  I was happy that I could get the kite off the tree for Felipe, but the next event was bad.

I broke the kite with my finder in the very strong wind as we walked to return to the house.  Because it was made of paper it broke easily.  Felipe told me not to worry about it.  I felt terrible.  I asked him the price of it and later that night I gave him money from the United States as a gift, but also to pay for the destruction of the kite.  I knew it was not necessary but it helped me to feel better.


Cuando nos volvíamos a tomarme a mi habitación, hay un hombre en la calle que estaba entretenido los conductores con palos de fuego.

When we returned  to take me to my place, there is a man in the street that was entertaining motorists with fire sticks. 

El Principio de Semana Tercero.

El principio de semana tercero.

Mi tostada estaba triste porque lo sabe qué pasará pronto (My toast was sad because he knows what will happen soon). 🙂  Tomorrow will mark the beginning of my third week in Chile.


Mi desayuno en ambos estilo de modo Chile y EEUU (My breakfast in both the style of Chile and the United States).  Saturday is my best day to do my graduate assistant work.  I’m enjoying a project right now were I am helping Dr. Sandmann upgrade her PowerPoint presentation with an effort to make it more “Zen” (i.e., more minimalist).  I started working and didn’t realize that it was almost 6pm.  So this is a combination breakfast lunch meal I made for myself.  Yummy!!  Now I feel more motivated to return to my work.  I look forward to what week three is going to bring relative to my experiences in Talca, Maule, Chile.  Next week is Independence Day and the University is closed for a week.  So no access to the biblioteca research participants, or that little cabin outside the library that has WiFi and outlets.  Sigh… I’ll just have to survive working from the house. 🙂  P.S.  It’s still very cold outside down here.


My greatest fear about coming to Chile was that I would have a difficult time adjusting to different food.  But fortunately, that has not been a problem for me.  I think that’s in large part because I’m a somewhat descent cook.  I have really become almost addicted to the pitted olives here.  I put them in all my salads and eat them for snacks.  This is the beautiful salad I made for dinner before my “clumsy gene” struck.  Yes, I am convinced that a clumsy gene exists in my hereditary pedigree.

For example, I trip over seemingly invisible objects, bump my head at the most geometrically impossible angles, and will spill a drink on my table with an amazing level of frequency.  I share all that to let you know that this is a pre-photo of my delicious salad today.  I was too embarrassed to take a picture of the post-salad victimization caused by my clumsy gene.  Me encanta pimenta negra en mi ensalada  (I love black pepper on my salad).  I didn’t realize I had opened the pour versus the sift spout on the black pepper bottle as I began to dress my salad.  That didn’t turn out well for me nor as pretty as the picture above.  Nevertheless, I giggled, shook my head at myself, and enjoyed my hot salad.  ¡Ándele! Vamos a comer. 😉

DSC00274  DSC00278

DSC00279Christianity is the dominant religious form in Chile with almost 70% of Chileans being of the Catholic faith tradition.  Therefore, it is not uncommon to see religious representations displayed in homes as well as in  churches.  I found this piece interesting as I could not determine if it was made of wood or plastic.  I was too afraid to touch and inspect it too closely considering my “clumsy gene” and all. 🙂