Semana una completé como una Erudita Visitando del Universidad de Georgia

Week 1 as a Visiting Scholar from the University of Georgia

First week in Chile, South America completed on 9.8.13, it has been sheer bliss. 🙂


I had a very lovely meeting today with Sr. Patrick Matzler, who is Swiss and speaks English.  Dr. Matzler is a professor on the faculty of the Instituto de Estudios Generales at UCMaule.  We discussed my dissertation research and how I could assist with other scholarly activities there at UCM.  Following out meeting he invited me to attend a Tertulias universitarias estudiantiles 2013.


In the tertulia students and faculty came together to discuss el tema de “Educación: Calidad y Gratuidad, ¿son compatibles?”  There appears to be some concerns being raised about the quality of education from the standpoint of it being free.  This is an interesting debate, as many people are of the position that if an offering is free, it may not be of good quality.  Such ideas may also create conflict as some people believe that an education is a human right and therefore should be offered as a free opportunity for all.  This is a fascinating and complex subject to explore, particularly in light of reduced resources and issues of debt associated with the pursuit of higher education in Chile specifically and the global community generally.



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