The Blog site reached 1,000 views today!!

The Blog site reached 1,000 views today!!Saw these flowers when I got home.  Carmen must really have an enthusiastic admirer because these lilies were giant size!!

6So I’m simply going to celebrate with some lovely pics of my neighborhood that I took on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Enjoy! 🙂

5Some youngsters enjoying a skateboard park.  That was a lot of concrete.  I’d advise wearing a helmet.


3A bunch of little kids enjoying the local park.  This one is kind of big but there seems to be a small park every couple blocks in our neighborhood.  It seems like 1 park for every nearby 10 houses. I was a certified playground safety inspector when I worked at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, hence the attention to playgrounds and safety helmets.

2It’s election season here in Chile as it is in the U.S. but here they will be electing a new President this November.  Also, I learned they hold elections on Sundays so as many people as possible can exercise their right to vote.  Hint hint United States of América del norte. 🙂

1Just another sunny afternoon in Talca, Chile.

DSC00381Enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon post-church lunch with Carmen and her friend Ivette.  Notice my Spanish/English dictionary on the the table to assist me! Ha ha 🙂

DSC00382Ivette lives right around the corner from Carmen and I walk past here home everyday on my way to the University.  She has a dog that barks and unnerves me when I pass by.  I think the dog is starting to get used to me.  Nevertheless, glad she’s behind the gate.

DSC00380Carmen is also a great cook!  Look at this beautiful salmon lunch she prepared with veggies. Presentation is everything I always say when it comes to food. 🙂


I had so much fun today in my first Zumba class since arriving her in Chile.  And I love my new Zumba Chicas who helped me stay encouraged as I so miss my other Zumba Chicas and workout friends back at UGA. 🙂

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