Mi última fin de la semana en Chile para 2013.

Mi última fin de la semana en Chile para 2013.

Spent the last weekend of my 2013 semester stay in Chile shopping with my good friend and officemate Verónica.

Hasta Luego Chile.  Le amo! 🙂

Looking forward to returning in February 2014, after the winter break, as classes will beging in for the following semester in March here.  Below are some picks we took while shopping for regalos (gifts) for Navidad (Christmas) and for me to say thanks to my Chilean hosts.


Talca2I was craking up with Verónica after our bus ride because the driver left the back door open as he drove.  It was nice to get the better airflow because it was really hot Saturday but, Yikes!  I said to her after we degressed from the bus, ¨Es una practica peligrosa, ¿No?¨  She confirmed my inquiry with a gentle ¨Si¨and we laughed and commenced our shopping trip.


Spiderman is clearly loved the world over.  If you click and magnify this picture you can see that he is riding along with us in the upper-right corner.





This is our ¨Agent V¨and ¨Agent L¨ versions of the Men in Black movie. 🙂








I am lovin´the bling on my new cute little high-heel keychain.  This is so me! 🙂



To the Theatre for ¨Terciopelo y Satín¨ followed by an ¨Asado¨

El teatro for Terciopelo y Satín “ followed by ¨Asado¨ with friends

Danza, montaje que fusiona conceptos orientales, sutiles y enigmáticos, con la fuerza interpretativa del occidente.

El ímpetu de la danza moderna, el drama y pasión del tango unidos a la delicadeza de la danza oriental dan origen al espectáculo “Terciopelo y Satín” . Este montaje compuesto por bailarinas y cantante.

El tango oriental nace como estilo dancístico en la Argentina, donde se fusiona la belleza de los conceptos orientales, sutiles, ondulantes y enigmáticos del belly dance con la fuerza interpretativa del tango. El resultado, una maravillosa mezcla de cuadros delirantes, todos ellos evocando un espejismo de la bohemia.

Karen Venegas, creadora  del montaje, lo produjo  en alianza con artistas de gran trayectoria como  La Compañía de Daniel Villegas,  Soraya Selaive y Ballet y la cautivante fuerza interpretativa  de la cantante Geysi Troncoso.


“Poetas, escritores, diplomáticos, artistas e intelectuales acuden a un Casino para ver danzar a la talentosa, “Terciopelo”, y escuchar a la afamada cantante de tangos, “Satín”. Los celos y las rivalidades son parte de esta tumultuosa vida. Es así como Terciopelo y Satín disputaran el corazón de un hombre y usarán el lenguaje de la danza y el canto para comunicar sus emociones.


A short video is forth coming when I have time to edit and put it together for posting.  The music was great as well as the dancing at this production tonight.  Unfortunately my recording quality is poor because my bloggie camera does not record (or photograph) well in low light. 😦




DSC01225 DSC01227



 ¨Asado¨ with friends and family

Asado is a term used both for a range of barbecue techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbecue in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.














Plátano (Barraganete) and other South American Fruit

Plátano(Barraganete) and other South American Fruit

Saw these in the store today and was thinking, ¨Wow! Is that a giant banana?¨ Thus began my journey to lern about the plátano versus banana.

How It´s Made Video (Plátano Chips)

I saw the above fruit in the grocery story today and noticed that it was very different from the bananas I was used to seeing.  First off, it was larger than a banana and seemed to have a very dense and harder outer skin such that it did not seem it could be easily peeled by hand.  Upon my return home, I do my normal Google search and find out that the Plátano (Barraganete) is in the same family as the banana but is not meant to be eaten raw.  I also learned that the word Plátano has its origins in the African language and it had evolved from Greek, through Spanish to be called a banana.  Plátano or Plaintains are more common to Latin American and Carribean cultures and are typically never eaten uncooked.  Below is a video I found aobut how the fruit is made as a tasty chip.

My favorite Campesino had Cherries today!!

It so cool how here in Talca, Maule Chile, the farmers can sell their products out on the street. One man sells his items right by the Superbodega which would likely never happen in North America.  My favorite Campensino who always seems to have great fruits and vegetables at a very low price, today had strawberries and cherries. I thought about how much my mommy loves cherries (one of her favorite fruits) so I purchased some this eveing.  I later called her to let her know I purchased them on her behalf and would be posting the picture of them on my blog for her viewing.  🙂

There is a  Verduria (a small vegetable store) and Futeria (little fruit store) right in my neighborhood and a number of other small stores like a paneria (bread story).  They all remind me of the little stores that peppered my childhood neighborhood growing up in Akron, Ohio.  I get saddened by the thought that so many American children living in urban areas today do not have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables that littles stores like these provide.  I remember how we used to play all day long outside as children and never be hungry because neighbors had either apple, plum, raspberry,or pear trees and grape vines we all ate from as we got hungry during the day.  Sigh… I told my daddy that sometimes being here in Chile is like going back in time, but in a very good way.  My childhood was a very happy time that I cherish more each day. 🙂  I am so grateful for my experiences here in Chile as well as life.  Feeling very blessed and thankful which is apropos since it is the U.S. holiday of  Thanksgiving today.


Guayaba Juice

(Spanish for Guava )


I also saw this guayaba juice in the story today and I have never tried a guave fruit before.  It is my understanding that Guava is an excellent source for Vitamins A and B, providing more Vitamin C than an orange.  It also offers a relatively high Calcium content which is a mineral source not typically found in fruits.  I will report back to latter and let you know how it tastes.  If you do not see an update about it here… that will be because it was as bad and a similar unpleasant surprise as the ¨Tutti Frutti¨ juice I purchased upon my first arrival to Chile.  Here´s hoping for the best! lol


The Guayaba juice tasted good and far better than my Tutti Frutti fail 3 months ago.  Also, in considering it´s nutritional value I think it would be wise to keep it in the ¨libation rotation.¨  🙂