My Little Sister’s Election to the Akron Public School Board

My Little Sister's Election to the Akron Public School Board

Though perhaps a little off the focus of this blog, I want to mention how so very proud I am of my little sister Veronica (Brown) Sims‘ election.  On yesterday evening she was re-election to the City of Akron’s public school board for a 4-year term. She was appointed to the post in March of this year after another board member moved on to another appointment.

Although running as an incumbent, she only had 8 months of service to prove her mettle and clearly achieved that objective.  Our whole family is filled with committed educators and I want to share with the world how excited I am for my little sister.  I know she and her colleagues will continue to strive for great things relative to the students and families pursing education in the city of Akron public schools in the Great State of Ohio.

Although I couldn’t be there physically (being in Chile and all) I was certainly there in spirit little sis!  Felicidades Hermanita!! 🙂

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