¨Bichitos¨ Artesanias de Niños

¨Bichitos¨ Artesanias de Niños

We just had the biggest laugh in the office trying to translate the word ¨bichitos¨ into English. Ha ha!!

So a student group was selling these little art pieces made by children today and I bought this cute little puppy dog key chain.  I was very interested in the word on the bag ¨Bichitos¨ because of course it looked like the English insult “B***hes” often used in the negative toward some women (and occasionally men).

So I asked my officemate José what it meant in English and of course he went on a failed ¨Google¨ translation search and he found the word equivalency of  “vermin”.  I explained to him that vermin didn´t seem like the correct translation because that word usually describes animals like rats, mice, or rodents.  I told him that the Spanish word looked more like what they would call a¨perra¨ and we laughed.

It created such a strange and kind of funny cognitive dissonance  for me, each time he kept pronouncing the Spanish word without having any connection to its seeming associate meaning in English slang.  My Google search turned up the word “bug” as the more accurate translation.  As a result, I encouraged José, that when he goes to the United States, do not tell a lady he might fancy that she´s “as cute as a bug” in Spanish!! Ha ha 🙂

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