Today the Interviewer Became the Interviewee

Today the Interviewer became the Interviewee

I was the guest lecturer for Professor Patrick Matzler’s class at the Universidad Católica del Maule. His students from the English Language and Intercultural Communication class today asked great question about international scholarship. Fue una experiencia buenisíma!!  I also paid tribute to Micheal Jackson with my white footies and black shoes in this picture. Ha ha! 🙂


Profesor Patrick Matzler is originally from Sweden and has been an academic in Chile for several years now.  His wife is Chilean  which brought him to the country.  He has also been of great assistance to me with my focus group interviews and dissertation research data collections so I was more than happy to meet with his students.

CI promised the students that this blog post would be in both English and Spanish.  Therefore, I’ll have to write it out first and translate to Spanish for posting.  They asked great questions as we shared in rich discussions.


Verción Español

Hoy día yo tenía un tiempo bueno con los estudiantes de la clase Idiomas Inglés y Comunicación Intercultural.  La asignación de los estudiantes fue  entrevistar a mí e también escuchar a qué yo tenía compartir sobre ser una erudita visitando de un otro país. 

Preguntas incluían deportes, (el nombre de LeBron James nos hablábamos muchas veces), educación con fines de lucro privado en Chile, UGA, mi vida en Ohio y Georgia, colegio atlética y comó jugadores son pagaban, educación International y carreras, CTIM, comida, adaptación cultural, el elección presidencial, y mucho más.  Todo el mundo parecía muy atento a mi hablando e yo espero que ellos puedan usar la información yo daba completar sus investigación proyecto de clase.

De nuevo, una gracias especial a Profesor Matzler por me permitía visitar con suyo estudiantes.

 English Version:

Today I had a great time speaking with students from the English Language and Intercultural Communications class.  Their assignment was to interview me and listen to what I had to share about being a study abroad visiting scholar.

Questions ranged from sports (the name of LeBron James came up several times), private for-profit education in Chile, UGA,  my life in Ohio and Georgia, college athletes and  how players are paid, International Education and careers, STEM, food, cultural adjustment,  to the recent Presidential elections and much more. Everyone seemed very attentive and interested in what I had to say and I certain hope that they will be able to use what I shared with them to complete their class research Project.

Again, special thanks to Professor Matzler for allowing me to visit with his students.




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