Parte Dos de ¨Mi computador se murío!¨

Parte Dos de ¨Mi computador se murío!¨

My new transpacific tech team. I officially extended membership to this pretigious group today for Fernando and Christían at Universidad Católica del Maule.  I am a lot calmer now knowing I have the documents I need the most.  I told them they were going to be famous after I post our pictures to our blog.  Again, special shout-out to my Compañera de oficina Veronica who put me in contact with these guys. 🙂


Fernando works on my dead computer to pull off files that I need now to continue my activities now


Christían also lends a hand to transfer my information to my flashdrive. I had hoped to transfer it all but he told me I had over 70GB of data and only 20GB of external saving capacity. So I cherry-picked out what I needed the most for the time being.


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