March 1st Futurists Worldwide in 24-Hour Discussions

March 1st Futurists Worldwide in 24-Hour Discussions

Well, I am gearing up for my return to Chile and my dissertation research but before I leave just wanted to mention an awesome experience I recently had the pleasure of participating. Saturday, March 1st marked Future Day (there was some debate about whether it should be called Futures or Future).  Since my last post, along with being accepted into the Association of Professional Futurists, I was also accepted into membership with the World Futures Studies Federations.  As a result of my new associations I was able to join a Google+ Hangout chat with think tank intellectuals and scholars from around to globe to talk about issues of complexities and futurist forecasting in a number of social, economic, and educational areas just to name a few.  I was able to discuss my doctoral research on the topic of Civic Engagement and my methodological frameworks of Spiral Dynamic Theory and Memetics.  It was extremely well received by my fellow futurists.  I got my first futurist retweets and tweet favorites from the experiences posted on Twitter.  It was amazing to witness both the convergence and diversity of thought surround both our shared human and environmental conditions.  I so look forward to engaging more with these new colleagues and friends and will work very diligently not to get too distracted.  There is of course the looming elephant in the room which is the completion of my dissertation.

I got a little frustrated today with those yet to be expected, “unexpected changes” to my research agenda.  Nevertheless, I remain encouraged as my research conceptual framework is strong and in spite of the fact that I will need to expand my field of participants I feel good about where I stand at this point.  However, I am super excited about my pending contribution to the scholarly discussion of civic engagement that my completed dissertation research will offer.  Moreover, I am extra stoked about returning to blog here  on in my WordPress space and hope I haven’t lost too many followers as I needed to touch base with my faculty and dissertation committee members back at UGA.  Please continue to follow me and I will do my best to keep up with blogging awesomeness at well.  ¡Chau chau mis cariños y los estraños!  Hablaremos de nuevo pronto. 🙂


Awesome find

Check out this sweet find I got prior to my departure back to Chile.  It’s and international converter with a universal adapter so that it can be used in almost every county around the world.  It also has an adapter so that you can use a USB rechargeable portable device.  Sigh… it’s the little big things that often just make my day! 🙂


RDIF Identity Theft Protection

Also among my international travel awesomeness find was this passport wallet with RDIF protection.  Right now, anyone looking to steal my identity would be very disappointed (he he), but just to be on the safe side in the event that my dissertation research makes me famous, I will err on the side of caution.  I also posted this on my Facebook page because I love how colorful Chilean pesos are (pretty money).  Sorry about all my typos as I am also adjusting to my new computer.  With this high resolution screen the fonts on WordPress appear so tiny.  Ugh!!


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