Los regalos continuan a venir!

Los regalos continuan a venir!

The gifts keep on coming! 🙂


(Click on pic for enlarged view)

So my dear friend (and landlord) Carmen was in Spain while I was in the United States this semester.  She travelled there to complete her doctorate in library science becoming the first Librarian with a doctorate degree in Talca, and perhaps in the entire Region VII of Chile.  I’m so proud of her accomplishment.  While there, she picked up this gift for me.  It’s jabón natural de jazmín (natural Jasmine relaxation soap) and it smells so beautiful.  So I’ve got a present from Spain too and I can’t wait to try this out.  My friends here are spoiling me, and I likey!  Ha ha  Carmen was also attentive to make sure that the product was produced in a just (justo) manner and did not exploit the poor as indicated on the company’s bag.  Therefore, that completes her classification for triple awesomeness in my eyes.


I also had to go to the story tonight and buy some of these, because the one in my digital recorder is failing and I have a research interview tomorrow.  I actually didn’t know the word for these when I arrived at the framacia (pharmacy) so I again had to resort to my high-level charade playing skills to describe what I needed.  NOTE:  These are not called batteria but are in fact called pilas.  But come on!!  You can’t blame a sistah for tryin’ that one out hoping to hit the mark. He he! 🙂

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