Hondura my Motorcycle is getting better (I pray)

Hondura is getting better (I pray)This is my girl “Hondura” (nickname). She’s a 2000 Honda Rebel CMX 250 and my very first bike.

Here is my beloved Hondura, the name I gave to my very first motorcycle.  I made the decision to learn how to ride a bike back in 2012 and told my friend Brian about the idea.  He initially thought I was crazy, but subsequently found a motorcycle safety class and we joined and got our license that summer.  Brian was a lot more experienced as bikes than I and that showed in the class.  I had one of the smallest bikes in the class.  That’s me front in center in the bike blow.


Anywho, my dream was to get licensed for motorcycles, purchase a bike, and then practice riding so that I can adventure ride while in Chile.  I purchased my bike in the Fall 2012, and started riding with my friend Brian and then on my own (he said I needed to learn how to ride without him sometimes).  So I did and we were both proud of me.  I was riding everywhere, even in the rain and at night.  I was (and still am) hooked!  Well last fall, right before I was to take off for Chile, my bike started to stall and subsequently wouldn’t start.  I tried to get it repair but the guy who was working in it got injured in an ATV crash.  So the first thing I did when I returned to the US, was to look for someone to fix my bike.  Now I’m from the generation where you simply don’t just throw away things and buy a new one when they break.  I love my bike and wanted to fix Hondura.

So, my friend Luis told me about another guy who fixed bikes about 30 minutes from where I lived.  So I loaded up Hondura and towed her to the mechanics garage.  The repair job got very complicated.  My little brother told me to just buy a new bike and not invest anything into Hondura… ¡No puedo!  Another friend who didn’t have time to fix it because he thought it would be a big repair job (and it is) wanted me to give him the bike for free… ¿Estás loco?  So, I had to leave my first love in Georgia and expect that all will be well upon my return.  Above is her motorcycle hospital photos.  lol  The choice was either to fix Hondura or invest in a new bike.  I simply decided to fix Hondura because essentially I’ll have a brand new engine and still have the bike that I love.  Oh sure, there will be other motorcycles in my future, but nothing like your first.  Besides, I got an international driver’s license from AAA before I left the states so that now I am able to drive in central and most of South America.  ¡Tan divino! 

So after I get myself situated with my dissertation research data collection agenda, yallz can expect to see some adventure ridin’ pics from the road with friends in Chile.  Qué bueno ¿no? Sííííííííí  🙂


Hondura and I gettin’ our ride on in the early days.

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