Wow!! Carmen has a twin sister.

Wow!!  Carmen has a twin. :)

I found out this week that mi amiga Carmen has a twin sister Paola. Double AWESOMENESS!


Chile never ceases to surprise.  For example, I woke up this morning with the assistance of a little earthquake tremor (chico teremoto).  I also enjoyed family day with my Chilean host/landlord Carmen and her family.  She may or may not have told me she had a twin sister (gemala) last semester.  Carmen is very private and my Spanish wasn’t as good as it is now last year so she might have told me and I simply smiled and nodded politely.  So we began Saturday afternoon with this delicious chicken and vegetable stew prepared by Carmen (she’s a good cook like me).


Her twin sister Paula has two boys ages 6 an 10 named Gaspar and Andres.  The older son knows a little English so we were able to talk about his school and my family.  As you can see, after lunch they both enjoyed some helado chocolate (Chocolate ice cream).  Gaspar doesn’t like taking pictures but he warmed up to me enough to make this funny face while eating his ice cream.  Very sweet and friendly little boys.  I told them and their Aunt (Tia) I was going to improve my blog with their fotos. 🙂


Yummmmmm helado chocolate!


Oh my word!!  It is so hot down here.  The temperature is ranging between 80-90F degrees (27/32C).  This might not seem very hot, but after leaving the United States were it is winter time these types of temperature require an adjustment.  I always seem to loose weight in Chile in part because the portions sizes are smaller here (we have very large portions in the US) and walking in the heat carrying my bookbag feels like I’m walking in a sauna.  No complaints, I’ll that this over snowy Mid-West blizzards in March any day of the week.



More family and friends join Carmen, her sister and sons, upon my return from my power walk.  I am terrible with names and don’t remember the new folks, but they were just as lovely.






Another place I am happy to see is our neighborhood tienda de verduras y las frutas (vegetable and fruit store).  I also finally had the chance to eat some grapes as they were not in season when I arrived last semester.  So now, all the fruits are easily accessible and this was the best pear I had tasted in some time.  The also had some peaches, but I’m a Georgia Bulldawg.  It’s going to very difficult trying to compete with a Georgia peach.  They are the BEST!!  Unfortunately, I think that Chilean farmers are using GMOs because I saw some of the biggest ears of corn, squash, and cucumbers that I’d ever seen in my life.  I wanted to take a picture but felt it might be a little rude to do so.  Maybe I’ll get the nerve up to ask the owner to take a picture next time. 🙂

11Jet & Ryan

Well, the highlight of my weekend was to talk with my daughter and her beau this weekend while she visted Texas.  I thought they looked so cute and told them I was going to take their pictue and put it on my blog.  So here it is guys!!  She’s a lawyer so I hope I don’t get sued for not getting any permissions.  I don’t know if their images are copyrighted or not.  No matter, I’m the momma (the original law)!  He he.

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