A Tasty Dinner Salad with a Story to tell

Tasty Dinner Salad

Didn’t really have much to blog about today. Just thought my dinner salad look extra pretty, in spite of what are clearly GMO laden veggies (which I have no real choice about eating here in Chile).

Dang! Why are your fruits and vegetables so big here?

I noticed early on, here in Chile, what appeared to be super seed saturated fruits and vegetables.  Oh Monsanto!! You ubiquitous monster. I finally got up the nerve to ask the man at the fruit and vegetable store in my neighborhood if I could take pictures of the produce.  He kindly said, “Yes”.  As a side note, I showed a picture of a giant sized plum (it was as big as a Macintosh apple) I had purchased on Facebook with the caption, “I hope this isn’t a GMO fruit.”  One of my Chilean friends responded immediately, indicating that it was indeed a GMO grown fruit.  Le Sigh…  So here are the photos I took at the store this week.


I placed a rather large onion next to these ears and corn and cucumbers so as to give the picture scale.  Pretty big corn there, yes?


The stocks of celery here are twice the size I have seen in Ohio (which is a very agricultural state with support from the agricultural foods departments at OSU).  The celery here is 3x’s bigger than any of the celery stocks I have seen in Georgia.


Above in this picture I am assuming that these were Kiwi fruit.  However, they had the oddest shapes I had ever seen.  I’m really not a big Kiwi eater so I had not problems staying away from these babies.  I also wanted to mention that the grapes are delicious here.  The ones in this photo to the right of the kiwi are a very deep dark purple. In most instances these would taste a little sour back in the U.S.  But, the grapes here tend to be very sweet and tasty.


I get most of my fruits and vegetables at this place.  I love to cook so I stop by quite frequently during the week.  Plus they are waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than the neighboring big chain grocery stores (both owned by WalMart).


Well, I guess to compensate for the big produce in Chile, they make the portion sizes much smaller than what a typical North American would see.  I guess everything balances itself out that way.  I did notice that I rarely see anyone morbidly obese here in Talca, Chile.  Far less than you would see in the United States.  I always seem to actually loose weight faster here in Chile.

I am becoming more and more convinced that a lot of the foods we eat in the United States are processed in such a way that it promotes obesity or one becoming what would be called her a Gordita (if the person was being nicer about the insult).  Additionally, I am sure having to walk most places that I go here (for now) also contributes to my not getting too many more lbs. (pounds).  Correction, I meant kilos, since just about everyone else in the industrialized world is now on the metric system except the United States!  Ha ha 🙂

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