My International Life (Canada)

My International Life

Was Skyping with my daughter at the airport, I initially thought I had capture my own fingers in this photo.

WIN_20140521_174050 (2)

Starbucks hand photobomb

UPDATE 6/23/14

Proof that I am  a futurist; as only a few days later did Starbucks announce their “free-tuition ” plan for working students that has many like myself wondering if it’s more of a challenge to freedom or at the least educational choice.

DSC02860 DSC02862 DSC02858

I have now traveled within three different countries so I am going to official call myself an international scholar. 🙂 This connecting flight from Santiago through Canada to Columbus was one of the shorter flights.  The one to New York had a 23 hour lay-over.  I just couldn’t do that and was going nutty on this 15 hour flight.  I don’t like long plane rides in cramps airplanes with horrible airplane food.  Sorry AirCanada, you guys served the worst meals I’ve ever seen or attempted to eat (not to mention the spikey metal rod poking out of the seat in front of me that the steward gave me masking tape as a “fix”.  You all really need to reexamine you meal offerings and customs process.  That new computer process you’re testing seemed impractical and not very efficient.  Nevertheless, I’m glad I packed my own snack bag or I would have been on a fast during the flight.  This trip made me really appreciate my 9 hour trip on Delta from Atlanta to Santiago a lot more now.

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