Oops! I missed my 1-year “Blogiversary”

It has been a great first year… here’s to continued happy blogging. ūüôā

I am only now just realizing, after reading another blogger that I follow mention his own milestone, that I forgot to highlight the fact that I have been a blogger for over a year now.¬† I missed celebrating my first “Blogiversary ” back on June 10th of this year.¬† Nevertheless, better late than never.¬† Oh dear, I hope I don’t make it a habit of missing future important¬† anniversaries. ūüėČ

It’s been great fun expanding my writing and also having the opportunity to be reflective, critical, and civically engaged.¬† Thanks to all who have followed, supported, and commented on my blog site.¬† Please stay on this journey with me.¬† You are much appreciated.

Instructions not Included


Movie: Instructions not Included

I recently watched the cutest award winning bilingual movie, “Instructions not Included“.¬† But in Netflix its titled here in Chile was changed to “No se Aceptan Devoluciones“, which is interpreted “No Refunds Accepted”. Some of our common North American language expressions are simply not transferable or hold the same meaning in another context (in my case a Chilean context).

Most North Americans would get the nuance of the suggested idea of instructions not included, as a pun.  However,  here in Chile  that expression simply does not hold the same meaning hence, why I am imagining, the title change.

These different types of realities I’m learning here fascinate me and are¬†expanding the way I view the world.¬†¬† Nevertheless, thank God for hugs, laughs and smiles, they’re pretty universally understood. ūüėČ

Simpson pseudonyms and pursuing a PhD


… and when my doctoral dissertation committee members ask, “Did you really just give all of your research participants pseudonym names of The Simpsons characters?” I will unashamedly reply with the enthusiasm of the Little Mermaid, “Yes!! Because I love them!!”. Then immediately following their shock, calmly say that they are very popular in Latin America thus allowing me to put my research participants at ease. ūüėČ

I also share with The Simpsons, who hold the record for the longest running TV show in America, having to wright the longest running written document in my life history.