Soccer is BIG in Chile



I love seeing that giant soccer (football) in front of the Casino near the Mall in Talca.  Although Chile was eliminated from world cup competition. I was able to capitalize on the purchase of t-shirts from the participating teams that went on sale at the grocer store. Got these babies for about $4 bucks each (1900 pesos). Can you say, Zumba Gear!! lol 😛



Si yo fuera en América de sur la última fin de semana para el partido de fútbol me les tendría ganado el juego contra Brasil en la copa mundial.  Soy muy fuerte, porque yo puedo golpea la pelota tanta grande como esta muy fácil. Ja ja! :p

English Translations:

If I was in South America last weekend for the soccer game I would have won them the game against Brasil in the World Cup.  I am very strong, because I can kick a ball as big as this so easily.  Ha ha :p



2 thoughts on “Soccer is BIG in Chile

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    • That sounds interesting Micki. I will check it out! However, writing on the “cuff” is sort of cathartic fro me on this blog site. I don’t always focus on content per se on most of the post. It was primarily began to keep my family appraised of my experiences while I am in Chile. I also use it to let my dissertation committee members see my research activities. Nevertheless, thank you for reading my blog and sharing your suggestion. It is much appreciated. 🙂


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