Got a new Wok today and it’s on!!


So I love making stir-fry but was previously limited to a basic sartén (frying pan) here in Chile. So I was feeling adventurous and went to our local Home Center story (which reminded me of Home Depot in the US) and purchased my new pan. I told my friends on Facebook I was going to post the results, so I’m going to link this story to my page and let them enjoy my expert cuisine via blog post. He he 🙂


Started with the chicken seasoned with Merken (a Mapuche spice native to Chile) that I cubed and then added in the little shrimps.


Next added the veggies and stuff.


Added a splash of olive oil to the water and got the pasta going on the side.


Pasta’s done!! 🙂


Topped off the pasta with the delicious stir-fry, muy rico!


Competed this “Quadrafecta” (I don’t know if that’s a “real” word) of intercultural delight by adding a whole wheat soft taco, thus representing countries: China, Italy, Chile, and of course America, with me as the master “Chefita” (another most certainly non-real word).

Bon Appétit! or for my purposes ¡Buen provecho! 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

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