Miramos y comprendimos (We looked and we understood).


We are currently in vacaciones (holiday break) this week at Universidad Católica del Maule.  So I was happy to learn that Carmen’s twin sister Paola and her two boys Gaspar and Andres would be visiting again during the break, as our semester ended last Friday.  They are just the sweetest children and remind me of my little nephew Zachary (he’s about the same age as Andres), who I miss so much back in The States.

Fortunately for me, this gave me the chance to finally ask Carmen how to make her Chilean style “sticky rice” as it is so delicious.  I am embarrassed to admit that when growing up my mother always made homemade rice, but I never took the time to learn how to do it where it didn’t taste hard.  I became an adult and started cooking for my own family in the era of “Minute Rice”, a product from the United States, and it had unfortunately become my new-normal for rice.  Well, thankfully those days are gone and I’m never using that product again (see above masterpiece).  When I return to the USA it’s gonna be on and poppin’ with the Chilean-style sticky rice front.  My daughter is gonna love it!! 🙂


Andres with his robot in his lap while he and his brother watch the Disney movie “Frozen” in English.

So when I was out today I saw these cute little remote control robots and decided to get them for Andres, Gaspar, and their little friend who was over last night practicing his English with me. When I got home later that evening they were so excited to see me and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for their gifts. Last night Andres put the biggest simile on my face when he called me Tía ( Spanish for Aunty).


Gaspar kept his Spiderman close by as he would not be undone by a robot! Ha ha

When we were visiting last night I asked the boys if they had seen the Disney movie “Frozen”.  Their friend was familiar with the movie but Andres and Gaspar were not.  So I shared my copy with them and told them they can use it to practice their English more.  The two older boys are currently taking English classes in school and we were chatting last night together sometimes in English and then in Spanish.  This evening the boys were watching he movie and I asked them in Spanish if they understood what was happening, to which Andres turned around and gave me a profound pedagogical response relative to foreign language acquisition (speaking in Spanish), “Miramos y comprendimos“.  Translated: We looked and we understood.  That has also been my experience as an adult learner in Chile.  I look at Spanish language programs on Netflix, look at my friends as they engage in converse, and I look at what my Chilean friends write on Facebook in Spanish contextually and I am then able to understand the language and its various nuances better.   Heck!!  It’s how I learned how to make sticky-rice today.  Children are such of treasures, because at times in their honest simplicity they teach we adults so much.


“Miramos y comprendimos”

While I was in the kitchen preparing my dinner Andres came in and handed me this sweet treat. Awwww!!  This is going to be the best and most special after dinner dessert I’ve had in some time.


Besos y un abrazo fuerte chicos. ~ Su tía Lisa


What a lovely surprise gift I received this afternoon from Carmen’s twin sister and her boys. It appears that Carmen and Paola have graduated me into their “great cooks” club and I now have my own monogram apron made by Paola. I so love mi familia chileano.


My initial “L” monogrammed into my homemade apron.


Mis sobrinos chileanos, me les encantan mucho! ❤

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