My Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching Arrived Today

University Teaching Certificate - Copy

Just moments ago there was a knock on my door and a special delivery envelope from the post office.  I opened it to find that my 3 years of teaching graduate level courses was being recognized via my being awarded an Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching by our UGA Graduate School.  Pretty awesome Friday this has turned out to be for me.

Now lets get moving on collecting that survey data and finishing this dissertation.  A scholar needs to get to work!  🙂


Graaduate School Teaching Certificates

Graduate School University Teaching Certificates

My reissued teaching certificates with my middle and department names corrected.  Sometimes it’s the little things that really do matter. 😉

Here we grow Talca, Chile


Clearly now matter which cultural context you are living in… men seem to love watching how stuff is made. lol 🙂

DSC03314 DSC03315 DSC03316 DSC03317

Single family homes are springing up in our neighborhood in a lot where I used to watch horses run.  Talca, Chile definitely appears to be on the economic prosperity elevator… “going up!” 🙂

DSC03350 DSC03351 DSC03352 DSC03353 DSC03354 DSC03355

More examples of economic growth and business opportunities right in my neighborhood in Talca, Chile.

Living in Chile made me a better cook.


So I am back in the US until October as I needed to touch base with my dissertation chair and methodologist.  One of the things I have really come to appreciate is the fact that I have become such a better cook as a result of living abroad.  Also, egg and potatoes have become meal staples for me now.  Above, is a delicious portobello mushroom and sharp cheddar cheese omelet I made for brunch.  I didn’t even have a omelet maker, but simply learned to improvise with the cooking utensils available to me while in Chile.


This tasted delicious


 My return back to UGA has been bitter sweet as so many of my friends that I came to know back in 2010 graduated when I was away and went back to their countries.  Fortunately, I got a chance to celebrate yesterday with my good friend Shakhnoza.  She will  soon to defending her PhD dissertations.  God really bless me with her ad our mutual friend Rouhollah.  Without the support of these two, I don’t see how I could have pulled A’s in both ANOVA and Multiple Regression statistics.

Writing my dissertation had been fun and frustrating.  Mainly because as I edit previous chapters I am thinking to my self, “What the heck was I writing here 2 years ago?”  Well at least I can truly detect how my thinking and research has become more advanced.  Now, to get the writing on point for my to obtain the triple threat scholar designation. He he!!  For now, I need a nap. :/

ShakaKahn (2)

Friends gather for a meal and fellowship to celebrate our friend’s (Shakhnoza) pending move into becoming Dr. Kayumova.

Just living my Spiral Dynamic Theory/International life!