The Changes

Working on my movie making skills while musing

There seems to be so much going on in the world that many of us are either not conscious about or simply have tuned them out.  Events in Ferguson, MO, surrounding the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, by a police officer, raises so many questions for me.  Primarily, why are not more people upset about the conditions in that community.  Just imagine, if a “model” young black youth was gunned down in the street and left for dead (and without human dignity) on the street for several hours, our society would have most certainly passed the tipping point.  I am concerned that through the manipulations surrounding this tragedy, the larger community of people in our nation do not see the erosion of human rights and dignity as something that will one day come to touch their own lives.  It is sad that our inability to act, to pay attention, to love our fellow human beings has become so difficult for us as a society, a nation, and a world.

In spite of so many horrible things existing in our world, I still thank God that I have not become jaded, bitter, complacent, or silent.  I often will walk around my community here in Chile and take note of the subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes that are happening around me.  I have come to appreciate that change, is in fact, not inevitable.  Many people live out the whole of their existence maintaining a very simple worldview that does not make space for them to critically think beyond what is immediately before them.  Honestly, I don’t object to that person’s existence, nor how they have limited their ability to engage with life’s complexities.

However, I do object to individuals who hold no empathy, who dehumanize God’s creation who are a reflection of his glory and loving kindness.  I object to those who deny that there exists a structural prison pipeline existing in the US for young black youth that mothers and fathers spend the better part of their parental instruction telling their sons in particular how to avoid that beast.  No, we are not all perfect creations in our present states.  Not immune from youthful poor decisions and perhaps even smoking marijuana.  Yet such developmental rocky roads should not cost you your life when you life in a 21st century democracy.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not naïve and realize that there are some heartless, ugly attitudes that permeates the hearts and minds of some people.  Notwithstanding, we as a community/society are to be diligent to keep a watchful eye on such persons and impose societal standards of judgment and legal restitution/redress commensurate with their misdeeds.  Yet, not slay them in the street as if their life does not matter.  I realize that being a police officer is a stressful job, that is why the correct and appropriately trained individuals should be undertaking this public trust.

Nevertheless, to not be attentive to and hold accountable those who pervert the application of civil and human rights, we can no longer afford.  Those who abuse their power or have been poor shepherds of such stewardship (leadership) is everyone’s business, not just black people’s business (problem).  If we refuse to think critically and act intentionally, one day folks will look to disenfranchise some of our basic democratic rights in the United States, like voting… oh wait, that ship has already sailed.

I hope these beautiful pictures, sights, and sounds will facilitate your own personal reflections–relative to my own musing–that I just shared with you this eveing.   Make sure you go cast your vote during the midterm elections in the US.  Peace, love, and beautiful thoughts toward you. 🙂

Colectar mis datos


Keep Calm and Cha Ching!  Collect that Survey Data

Yesterday appears to have been a good data collection day.  I have been meeting with academic coordinators in order to solicit their graduate students to take my survey.  Initially, I was a little nervous because I basically would need to introduce myself and my research to graduate students all in Spanish.  It’s difficult enough to do so in English! lol  Nevertheless, yesterday’s classes were particularly receptive and some engaged me in question about myself and my university (UGA).  As a result, it appears I had almost a 70% response rate from Friday’s group.  Woo hoo!!!

This Saturday morning I met with a group , of what seemed like 50, engineering students.  I didn’t realize there would be so many of them and I almost ran out of business cards which have my survey website address on the back.  So it looks like by the end of this weekend I will have gotten a little more than half of my survey data collection completed.  I’m at this point still encouraged that I may get the remaining portion before my departure back to the USA in January.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 🙂