Tercera Misión a Chile (Third Mission to Chile)


This little space in my storage unit was just enough to get Hondura (my motorcycle) into. I am relieved she will not have to brave the winter elements when I’m gone.

I have packed up my US life for the next four months in order to return to Chile.  The survey data collection has been slow going, but I have plans to “turn-up” in Chile and get my data.  I am so excited about seeing my old friends in Chile and excited about revisiting mi otra país.  Today’s last minute moving plans were a nightmare and the airport shuttle is not over one-half hour late.  However, I’m not going to freak-out yet since my flight doesn’t leave until almost 11pm.  I just wanted to get my October blogging started and to let followers know there will me more to come.  ¡Qué te vaya bien amigo! 🙂


Our flight got diverted to Antofagasta, Chile to a military airport for more than 6 hours.

So our flight got diverted because of fog in Santiago. Things got a little tense for some passengers as we waited in Antofagasta, Chile for what seemed like an eternity (or an episode of Lost) when the Captain started arguing with some travelers on board.  I was like yo’ where is the Sky Marshall?  Found this email in my inbox when I finally got home tonight in Talca about 10pm this Thursday evening.  I departed Atlanta at 11pm Wednesday night:

Hello Lisa, 

RE: Case Number XXXXXXXX

I want to send my apology for Flight 147 having to land in Antofagasta and for the length of time you had to wait there due to the fog in Santiago today. While we can’t control the weather, I know it had an impact on your travel I know this must have been frustrating.

We Appreciate Your Business

As a goodwill gesture I’ve deposited 10,000 bonus miles to your account. Please allow three business days for the mileage to be posted.

Thanks for Flying Delta

Thank you for continuing to choose Delta. We look forward to seeing you on another Delta flight.


Jason Hausner
Director, Customer Care
Delta Air Lines

Well that took the sting out a pretty anxiety generating day. 😉


Clearly, we weren’t the only ones rejected for landing in both Santiago and at the nearby Argentinean airport.  Hello Poland!


There is another lovely silver lining to this adventure.  Carmen had these three fresh cut lilies in my room when I returned to the house.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Lilies are among my favorite flowers.  They are so classy looking. 🙂  Thank you Carmen!


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