Super Monkey brings joy to everyone in the office.


This is the best work stress relief gift every made. Ha ha!


I saw this “flingshot” toy on when I was in the US and said to myself, “José must have this!!”  I love the folks in my office.  They are so wonderful and everyone is always willing to help me with my research activities.  José is the office technical genius and we work in the same offices space.  We share the same sense of humor so I knew he would like it.    José has named him “Super Money” because of his cape.  Watching Super Money sore in his cap and mask, as he flies through the air screaming, until he crashes is indescribably hilarious. 🙂  Below is a video of how it work:


José and his office therapist Super Monkey.


Dean Coffield at the UGA Graduate School also gave me so cool UGA “swag” to take with me back to Chile.  I have been given office space and much research support by the Director Ricardo Chacón in the department  of Stategic Planning and University Development.  I have him some of the UGA materials I received from Dean Coffield  and now are being proudly displayed.  All who visit the department at Universidad Católica del Maule will see some UGA swag.  We made “The Rack” in DPDU. 🙂

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