Is she cooking again? Yes, yes I am.

Before and After

I have found some of the best tomato sauces here in Chile. Some of us had become so accustomed to those over the counter spaghetti sauces, but I remember how they used to me much thicker as a child. Purchasing some of those sauces like Prego and Ragu are awful in comparison to making your own sauce or have the good fortune to purchase a sauce in Chile. Love this stuff!! I wish I could bring some back with me, but that would only make me sadder when I ran out of bottles.


Got creative with some soft taco tortillas and some baby red potatoes. Added in a rare find of “hot” peppers from Alejandra’s and desayuno was baggin’!! 🙂


Spring has finally arrived to Chile and the flowers are blooming. The air smells of their beautiful fragrances. Therefore, I am going to be posting more beautiful aspects of the nature around me that catches my eye. I feel so happy and blessed that I created this blog to share my experiences in Chile with family and friends. I enjoy being able to look back and reflect on this wonderful moments in my life to date. ❤







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