Colectar mis datos


Keep Calm and Cha Ching!  Collect that Survey Data

Yesterday appears to have been a good data collection day.  I have been meeting with academic coordinators in order to solicit their graduate students to take my survey.  Initially, I was a little nervous because I basically would need to introduce myself and my research to graduate students all in Spanish.  It’s difficult enough to do so in English! lol  Nevertheless, yesterday’s classes were particularly receptive and some engaged me in question about myself and my university (UGA).  As a result, it appears I had almost a 70% response rate from Friday’s group.  Woo hoo!!!

This Saturday morning I met with a group , of what seemed like 50, engineering students.  I didn’t realize there would be so many of them and I almost ran out of business cards which have my survey website address on the back.  So it looks like by the end of this weekend I will have gotten a little more than half of my survey data collection completed.  I’m at this point still encouraged that I may get the remaining portion before my departure back to the USA in January.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Colectar mis datos

    • Hello S Ra Sheem,

      Volunteers must have received their degree from a Chilean university. My focus is on post-graduate level adult learners and civic engagement. Chile’s educational systems have been dominated by themes of privatizations since 1973. This has created a significant number of entrepreneurial higher educational universities in the Country. I am looking for possible “benchmarks” among its adult learners to compare with private for-profit universities in the US using Spiral Dynamic Theory as my theoretical framework. I know it’s a mouthful. I hope that helps. If you know some Chilean post-grads who are eligible, please have them email me at Thanks a million! 🙂


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