Fruits (and veggies) from Chile

Fruits from Chile.

A dear friend from Peru now living in Ohio sent me this awesome link.  I have been posting all the great fruits and veggies that I have come to enjoy on my Facebook page.  This website is a GOLD MINE!! 🙂  Thank you dear Nella.

Some of my latest treasures and late work snacks:

DSC00075All of this for about $4 USD

DSC00078These peaches are going to need a little more time to ripen, but they are going to have very tough competition relative to my Georgia peaches. 😉

DSC00157Those little tangerines are the most amazingly delicious I’ve ever eaten.  I always think about how hunger is so unnatural and a result of poor economic policies and greed.  Just think, God made all this stuff to freely grow and eat at our leisure.  But, we’ve found a way to monetize food production and control the flow of what and who can produce certain foods solely based on economic and commercial agendas.   Seriously, no one should have to starve to death in our world.  Call me an idealist, but that is truly how I think about the matter.

DSC00137The cornucopia of fruits I cut up into a bowl.  Sweet!!  Literally, ha ha.


Got there just in time this afternoon to get the best strawberries.  I waited too late yesterday and they were all gone.  Also, got some mangos from the local grocery story.  I think they come in from Brasil.  The Mangos are a little hard at this point.  I’m going to give it a few more days to ripen.

2 thoughts on “Fruits (and veggies) from Chile

    • I get most of my fruits and veggies at our neighborhood Verduria. Some items, like romaine lettuce, tend to be better at the grocery store. I also must confess, I search for the best looking pieces. Ha ha! 🙂

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