Guess who’s headed back to Chile? ¡Está mujer por un mes!

Visiting my Chilean loved ones and new family for a month, YAY!!

Visiting my Chilean loved ones and new family for a month, YAY!!

I am so excited about returning to Chile this July in order to complete my dissertation writing in peace.  Needless to say, it’s been a pretty rough going for us who are civically engaged in the #BlackLivesMatters movement.  Anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests in the United States are ongoing and show no signs of abatement.  I plan to continue my digital democracy in solidarity with my brothers and sisters struggling for social justice in the US while I am away.  That activities will include my support for the #4thofJulyBlackout on Facebook so no worries; my contributions will be international in both nature and spirit.

I have not blogged for a while because my dissertation data analysis and work has taken up so much of my time.  I am excited about this opportunity to make career moves in Latin America while I visited loved ones, and finish writing my PhD dissertation.  I feel very honored and blessed regarding this stage of my life and am super grateful for all of the family, loved ones, and friends who continue to support and celebrate my journey.  We’ll be in touch. ¡Qué se vayan bien a todos! ❤