Teaching ESL Mathematics and Science in the Columbus City School (CCS) District High Schools

As a new Ph.D. graduate actively engaged in the faculty search process I have been fortunate to have a plethora of wonderful experiences post-graduation.  Currently, I am finding myself in a position to give back to the students who served to motivate me to pursue my doctorate degree in Adult Education Learning and Organization Development.

I am applying for university professor positions and was also blessed to be welcomed back as a long-term substitute science teacher with the Columbus City Schools (CCS) district in Ohio.  There are no words to express the joy that I have for teaching and learning.  This is especially true as I am able to work with our ESL, immigrant and racial minority group students attending CSS.  Being a substitute teacher with the capacity to accept long-term working assignments with pre-K through high school students has been great!  It has allowed me to introduce my scholarship, perform community engaged work, and utilize the academic training I gained during my time at the University of Georgia.

Additionally, the invaluable experiences that I gained as an educator living abroad in Chile, South America, while also serving as a visiting scholar at the Universidad Católica del Maule, have all  come together as applied learning to the benefit of the students that I am now teaching here in the United States.  Below are some recent photos from my assignment at Independence High School and words of thanks I received  from both my students and instructional professionals who evaluated my teaching this past October.  I was able to effectively use the learning style and problem-solving constructs obtained through my research using Spiral Dynamic Theory in order to help ESL students learn.  I also was able to use foundational adult learning philosophy such as co-generative group learning in the production of lesson plans and the delivery of academic content that helped our immigrant population of culturally diverse students to learn mathematics more effectively.

#ILoveBeingAnEducator  ❤

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