Parable of an Urban Educator

I told my friend Malahkiyah that I was going to explain one of my teaching strategies or “parables” that I shared with my student(s) who were being disruptive during the class. Here goes…

ME: Let me explain something to you all. This classroom is a bank. I am the bank teller and the knowledge that I dispense to you is the money. Each of you are here to make a withdrawal. Some of you need your money (knowledge) to one day pay for college. Others may want to start a business or maybe buy someone you love something nice.

Gone are the days that simply finishing high school will be enough for you to survive in this world. You will need post-secondary education whether it is formal like in college or university study or informal online self-training.  Let’s be clear, you will need continuous education to make a living for yourself and family.

Taking all of that into consideration, when someone comes into this classroom to disrupt the learning process they are robbing you of the opportunity for that better life. You only have control over yourself in this classroom and no one else. All I’m asking today is that you don’t be a “Bank Robber”. Any questions?

#AdultEducation  #CivicEngagement  #STEAMEducation4Youth #LivelongLearning

2 thoughts on “Parable of an Urban Educator

    • Initially there tends to be robbers for one reason or another. Especially true when you’re dealing with maturing children. However, it is always my goal to change them into depositors and investors educationally. 😉


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