Year’s Ending Perks – Senior Class Parties with African Sambusa (ESL Students)

The Seniors brought in some delicious African Sambusa during our the 7th period US History class.  I was the Substitute Teacher benefactor having to cover for the ESL teacher today.  I enjoyed these delicious treats so much that the Seniors gave me the extra leftovers in order to take home for dinner tonight. 🙂  #Winning #ILoveBeingAnEducator ❤

Shortly, I’m going to be doing my end of the school year teaching highlights blog post (with pics).  It will cover my time with the Columbus City School District Pre-K babies all the way up to our 12th-grade young adult seniors.  For now, there are only 7 more days left in the academic school year.  Then, my Summer and Fall adventures 2017 will commence.


Senegalese Tchakiri

Tchakiri Recipe from Senegal, Africa

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