Big “Foodie Judy” and Memorial Day

One of the many gifts that my mother (and father) have passed down to all of her children (boys included) is the ability to cook.  I have subsequently passed this talent down to my own daughter and have been blessed to enjoy some awesome dinners prepared by her over the past few months.  However, today was Mommy’s day to cook and I felt like omelets and pancakes.  I gave myself the nickname “Foodie Judy” today because I enjoy cooking and it has a lovely rhyme to it! 🙂

Headed to the mall to buy a new blouse and then to the library to work on my new research manuscript that I’m preparing for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research (JMMR).  I just downloaded the trial version of NVivo 11 and it’s great!!  I’m going to use it in order to process all of the qualitative data I’ve collected from my study.  I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful three-day weekend and take the time to reflect on our upcoming Memorial Day holiday.   Shout out to all the Veterans and loved ones in my family who fought for our freedom and liberty.  You’re the real MVPs!!


Today is our Mommy – Daughter ❤ cooking Sunday.  My daughter made her first banana pudding while I made my first crockpot stew with vegetables.  I think this is going to turn our great!!  Won’t know for eight hours though. 🙂

Banana Pudding

Crockpot Beef Stew

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