Campus Sexual Violence And The Adjunctification Of Higher Ed – Conditionally Accepted

Supporting and counseling students who’ve experienced sexual violence can be fraught with challenges for contingent faculty, writes Alexis Henshaw.

Source: Campus Sexual Violence And The Adjunctification Of Higher Ed – Conditionally Accepted

Educator Reflections_My 2016-17 Academic Year Highlights

This will largely be a pictorial journey of my past post-doc year since completing my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.  I used this period of my life as a time to give back to the Columbus City Schools as a long-term substitute Science Teacher.  Although my sub license is designated for Adolescents to Young Adults (grades 7-12), I’ve have had the good fortune throughout this academic season to teach Pre-K through high school seniors.  What a blast and blessing!!  It was my experiences (and that of the students) while serving as the general science long-term sub teacher at West Senior High school for two years that provided the impetus from my returning to university study in order to obtain my doctorate.  God is opening doors to my destiny and my degree in Adult Education, Learning, and Organization Development has prepared me to better walk through those doors.