Book Review and Chapter Mention

This is my first book review (and chapter highlight) as a new PhD.  Below are some of the author’s comments about my section in particular:


“For those looking for evidence and rigor regarding pedagogical practices, there is a considerable range in the depth of discussion within these areas. A few chapters are even concerned with design, implementation, and effects on learning. Some of them deal with these issues better than others. For example, Lisa Rochelle Brown’s ‘Spiral Dynamic Theory as an Instrument for Praxis: Memetic Racism and Cultural Transfer’ or Martha A. Brown and Traci P. Baxley’s ‘Transforming Whiteness in Teacher Education: The Call for Anti-Racist Pedagogy’ stand out in this regard.”

Jones, S. (2017). [Review of the book RIP Jim Crow: Fighting racism through higher education policy, curriculum, and cultural interventions]. Teachers College Record, Date Published: March 27, 2017 ID Number: 21886, Date Accessed: 4/21/2017 3:04:06 PM

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Caught Being a Terrific Teacher

So today was just an awesome 👏🏽 day in education for me. 👩. Next week will mark my being the 7th grade science 🔬 teacher at Mifflin Alternative Middle School for two months, as we close out the third quarter today.

Each Friday there is an assembly drawing to celebrate 🎉 teachers 👩🏽‍🏫 👨🏻‍and students nominated for being great. 👍🏾 I was never selected in the past.😥 I think initially the children found me too academically demanding so I gotz no “cool points” for that. However, over time they’ve come to realize that my standards for excellence are high and I’m committed to supporting their success. So today was my day to be recognized as a terrific teacher! I got this note and some Skittles at the morning assembly. 😊

Additionally, two of my black male students who struggle academically, began to work harder in my class. They are becoming more engaged in the learning. One scored a 100% “A+” on my final quiz I gave today which is 25% of their grade. One was so happy he asked to take the paper home to show his mom!! Nothing but tears 😭 of joy on my end.

The other boy’s success (who got a “B’) was equally gratifying. I overheard him tell another teacher, “On the real I am low key stupid.” 👀 I told him, “NO you are not!”🙅🏽. So to see the happiness on his face for receiving that “B” made my award today all the sweeter. 🍭🍬.  I ❤️ being an Educator!

Learning the Water Cycle Experiment– Ocean Salinity

Parable of an Urban Educator

I told my friend Malahkiyah that I was going to explain one of my teaching strategies or “parables” that I shared with my student(s) who were being disruptive during the class. Here goes…

ME: Let me explain something to you all. This classroom is a bank. I am the bank teller and the knowledge that I dispense to you is the money. Each of you are here to make a withdrawal. Some of you need your money (knowledge) to one day pay for college. Others may want to start a business or maybe buy someone you love something nice.

Gone are the days that simply finishing high school will be enough for you to survive in this world. You will need post-secondary education whether it is formal like in college or university study or informal online self-training.  Let’s be clear, you will need continuous education to make a living for yourself and family.

Taking all of that into consideration, when someone comes into this classroom to disrupt the learning process they are robbing you of the opportunity for that better life. You only have control over yourself in this classroom and no one else. All I’m asking today is that you don’t be a “Bank Robber”. Any questions?

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Teaching ESL Mathematics and Science in the Columbus City School (CCS) District High Schools

As a new Ph.D. graduate actively engaged in the faculty search process I have been fortunate to have a plethora of wonderful experiences post-graduation.  Currently, I am finding myself in a position to give back to the students who served to motivate me to pursue my doctorate degree in Adult Education Learning and Organization Development.

I am applying for university professor positions and was also blessed to be welcomed back as a long-term substitute science teacher with the Columbus City Schools (CCS) district in Ohio.  There are no words to express the joy that I have for teaching and learning.  This is especially true as I am able to work with our ESL, immigrant and racial minority group students attending CSS.  Being a substitute teacher with the capacity to accept long-term working assignments with pre-K through high school students has been great!  It has allowed me to introduce my scholarship, perform community engaged work, and utilize the academic training I gained during my time at the University of Georgia.

Additionally, the invaluable experiences that I gained as an educator living abroad in Chile, South America, while also serving as a visiting scholar at the Universidad Católica del Maule, have all  come together as applied learning to the benefit of the students that I am now teaching here in the United States.  Below are some recent photos from my assignment at Independence High School and words of thanks I received  from both my students and instructional professionals who evaluated my teaching this past October.  I was able to effectively use the learning style and problem-solving constructs obtained through my research using Spiral Dynamic Theory in order to help ESL students learn.  I also was able to use foundational adult learning philosophy such as co-generative group learning in the production of lesson plans and the delivery of academic content that helped our immigrant population of culturally diverse students to learn mathematics more effectively.

#ILoveBeingAnEducator  ❤