Using Technology for Teaching

I want to be an International Scholar, Teacher, and Researcher when I grow up. ūüôā

I am in Chile collecting my dissertation data with plans to write my dissertation here through the support of my committee member Dr. Anne Bliss who is a resident here in Talca.¬† My career goal is to become a Super Dopper International Scholar and Futurist.¬† My areas of interest within the field of Adult Education¬†are civic and community engagement.¬† I am also looking to introduce, in an interdisciplinary manner, my methodological models for Spiral Dynamic Theory and Memetics in relation to adult learning.¬† I am also incorporating Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as I think they will prove even more valuable as we look to understanding our ever growing, diverse, and complex world.

In addition to my foremost task of completing my dissertation, I am co-instructor for a number of graduate level classes at the University of Georgia alongside¬†my committee chair, Dr. Lorilee Sandmann.¬† She asked me last Saturday to develop a lesson plan and presentation for our student in EADU 9602 Writing for Publication to use on today.¬† So that’s what the video above is all about as well as the supporting activities materials that¬†are below accessible through the hyperlink.¬† I am starting to notice that with each production, my skills are¬†getting better at making these types of learning modules.¬† So here are the materials we are using in class today and I welcome feedback anyone would like to share.¬† Thanks in advance.

EADU 9602 Writing for Publication Activities Materials